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Tell The Story of Your Home in 3 Steps

Houston Mansion

Every house on the market is different. But each has a story to tell and I want you to choose me to tell your story. Writing a narrative that works

Your home is the star of the show. In reality, I’m just the narrator. I’m the storyteller. Let me help you show the world what your home has to offer. How do I do that? In 3 important ways:


1. EYE-POPPING PHOTOGRAPHY. I provide a professional real estate photographer to show your home at it’s best. Many agents use their iPhone to take pics of a home – the difference is staggering.

Your goal is to generate interest, get offers, and sell your home. I’ll gladly pay for photography that helps us achieve that aim.


Suburban Houston Home2. TELL THE STORY. Most realtors just plop some pictures on a listing and move on. Their goal is to get it done as fast as possible. On my listings, I use the imagery along with a written story. I want the viewer to form an emotional connection to your home. Home buyers will look at dozens of houses – I’ll make sure that yours is remembered.


3. AN INNOVATIVE OPEN HOUSE. My open houses are different from others: I will host it alongside a mortgage broker who can answer any financing questions for potential prospects.

I work to build a relationship with prospective buyers so they connect with your home. We serve refreshments such as mimosas (with your permission) and snacks. Most importantly, your home will be remembered for the distinct open house instead of blending in with the others.


I will market your home on social media to my thousands of followers and supplement it with paid advertising on Facebook and Twitter. I strive to ensure that your home stands out from the competition.

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